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Assisting you, the rider with a list of repairs and on-going support when you need it.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do contact me, I’m more than happy to help.

Please note: Prices can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bicycle.

All prices exclude the cost of parts.

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Fit a new inner tube and/or tyre £9.00
Fit a new inner tube and/or tyre (pair) £17.00
Replace broken and/or damaged spoke £19.00
True and dish wheel
(This price very much depends on the severity of the misalignment)
Rim brake adjustment, front and rear £15.00
Hydraulic brake bleed, flushing and bleeding,
£21.00 per calliperthrough with new fluid
£21.00 per calliper
Hydraulic brake service, cleaning rotor, callipers and pads,
£29.00 per calliper checking the alignment, bleeding through with new fluid
£29.00 per calliper
Gear re-indexing, front and rear £15.00
Fit brake cable (front or rear), adjust brakes £13.00
Fit externally routed gear cable (front or rear), adjust gears £13.00
Fit chain, adjust gears £13.00
Replace drivetrain, remove chainrings, chain and cassette, adjust gears £29.00
Hub Service, regrease and retension £23.00
A full transplant of bike components to a new frame / bike build £99.00

Bought a new bike?

Bike build ‘from the box’
(This price may vary depending of the type of bicycle you have purhased)

Retaping the handlebars £19.00

*Kindly note that all work excludes the cost of any new replacement parts/components required or additional labour, these will be charged separately.

*If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via or call 01425 622128

Thank you for supporting your local independent business.